4 Reasons You Should Unlock Your Cell Phone

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Reasons You Should Unlock Your Cell Phone

We recently got this question asked several times, so we decided to post an article so all our customers and readers will have one clear answer about this.

To make it simple Unlocking your Cell Phone is a 100 advantages only actions! Why can we say this?

Consumer Liberty

What a better reason that liberty?Can you imagine that in this world full of laws and rules to safeguard our public and private liberties, most GSM carriers are able to lock us out, and force us to keep using their services even if they are the most expensive carrier out in town?

In this case, unlocking your cell phone is the only way to set yourself free from carriers oppression. Unlocking your phone will allow you to change when you need it carrier. Is there a new carrier in town giving out free minutes? Better data plan? Better 4G coverage? Better customer services? Better everything? Take your phone, swap SIM card and change carrier for better “what-you-need-from-a-gsm-carrier”.


Marketability? That’s my personal phone! I’m not into any market stuff! Hmm you are saying that today, but in the next 6 month there is going to be a brand new cell phone¬†out here and you are going to be in the row to be the first to get hands-on it! And what will you do of your old cell phone? Head to to eBay and sell it!

What if I tell you that you can have a 50 to 100$¬¨ value gain by reselling an unlocked phone on eBay, over a locked phone? Your mobile handset is now able to work with any carrier in the world! so you directly increase your potential customers base on eBay! Doing this also make your customers (eBay’s one) better trust you and give you 5 star ratings….

Easier Roaming

Perhaps you are a business man or woman,travelling around the world for your company……And knowing most companies have contract with GSM carriers in their home city they really forget the fact that their workers are going to be traveling a lot and for the GSM carrier that’s plenty on they way to their pockets…..

But just unlock you busines phone, and once abroad, just swap SIM card with a local one and cut roaming fees by 400%! And you are still compliant with your GSM carrier contracts. When back home, just put their SIM card in and voila!

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

What!? A lower TCO by using unlocked cell phone?

Yes Sir! Your read well! You can have a better total cost of TCO by choosing unlocked phone over locked ones! Sure, on the first day buying a locked cell phone with a carrier plan and contract seems cheaper than every thing else. But did you read well the monthly fees you are going to hands out to that carrier. Take a usual plan for 25$ monthly! You end up in the two years to 1200$ paid for a phone! Can you imagine?


So the choice is clear! As possible buy an unlocked cell phone or get yours unlocked here! Would you still have some question, we will be happy to hang over in comments bellow!



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