Checkmend Report: What is it And Why you Should Always Use It

Checkmend Report: What is it And Why you Should Always Use It

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Checkmend Report: What is it And Why you Should Always Use It

Simply said, a Checkmend Report is a complete report from world trusted authority when it comes to CellPhones history data. This report checks record of your device and provide the following information in a clear, summarized pdf file. You will have sub listed information in the generated PDF report:

  • Ever blocked
  • Currently blocked
  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Insurance claim
  • Possible counterfeit
  • Owners
  • Possible clone
  • Recycled
  • Contract status
  • Warranty
  • Finance

We are happy to bring you this wonderfull checking tool that’s valuable when you are about to buy a used cell phone, on ebay or wherever….

Our checkmend Tool

Our official Checkmend Report,¬†allows you to trade with confidence.¬†We check your IMEI against the largest US’s source of used cellphone and mobile device history, including data from the FBI, insurers, retailers and carriers.

A CheckMEND US history report helps identify cellphones and mobile devices with a hidden past, so you can buy and sell with confidence.

  • Results delivered instantly online
  • Real-time checks against billions of device history records
  • CheckMEND PDF report as proof of device check status

Our exclusive deal with Checkmend allows us to provide device history reports check, that include

  • Verizon LTE blacklisted
  • AT&T GSM/LTE blacklisted
  • Sprint CDMA/LTE blacklisted
  • T-Mobile GSM/LTE blacklisted
  • Listed on FBI stolen articles file
  • Has had multiple registered owners
  • Involved in a serious crime
  • Has been previously recycled
  • Subject to an insurance claim
  • Has been reported lost
  • Confirmation of make and model
  • Has outstanding finance



Sample CheckMend Report We will provide

Below is a screenshot of a sample CheckMEND report that we will provide after processing your checking process.

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What does all that data on checkmend Report means?

From the picture, we have highlighted specifi area of interst you should read on the Checkmend report provided, please find the explanation below:

  1. Unique Report ID and Check Type: This is the unique identity of this report. The unique reference number can be validated on the CheckMEND website. This is the number to provide if you are selling goods on eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree, Swappa or other online marketplaces so that a buyer can easily view the report. The Check Type indicates if the check is Global or for a specific country.
  2. Report Information: Displays the Report ID. The date on which the check was performed. Along with the name of the person/organisation whom created it.
  3. Search Criteria Provided: Details the search criteria privided by the person/organisation performing the check. Consisting of up to 3 identifiers (for example an IMEI number or serial number) along with the make, model and type of item being checked.
  4. Model Check Information: In most cases we are able to validate the manufacturer and model of the device from the serial number you enter. This means that you can be assured that the serial number is genuine and has not been altered or tampered with since manufacture.
  5. Database Checks Performed: Shows the different database checks that are carried out against the user’s search criteria. Each check will return and display either a Clear (green), Caution (yellow) or Warning (red).
    Summary Advice of Database Checks: Provides summary advice against each of the database checks carried out.
  6. Useful Links: Provides links to useful resources and support information.

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