Delivery Times and Cancellation

Delivery Times and Cancellation

All unlock codes and unlock confirmations are sent by email to the email address that the customer enters on the order form. Delivery times displayed on the website are Estimated Delivery Time (EST) only, based on average delivery times for past orders.

We will endeavour to beat these delivery times but sometimes delays do or can occur. In the event of a significant delay, there is no automatic right to cancellation(s), but if you contact us then we will see if our supplier is willing to cancel the order. In general, order cancellations are not permitted once a payment has been made and order has been submitted. Most of our services are API to the suppliers server(s),  The costs are incurred by submitting your phone’s details to the relevant unlock code database.


Cancellation Policy:

1. allows you to request the cancellation of an unlock code order in the “Processing” status on; if the cancellation request is received within ten minutes following your order, it may be instantly approved. If the request cannot be instantly approved, it will be seen as “Pending for approval” until’s supplier accepts the cancellation request, or refuses it and delivers the unlock code. It is’s supplier sole discretion to accept or deny a cancelation request.

2. You accept that all the credits bought on have NO EXPIRATION DATE, as such all refund are returned back to your account only, NO REFUND request will be accepted. doesn’t try to force to buy large quantities, as the minimum order quantity is 50 credits, as we only deal with, Dealers, Resellers, Wolesalers and Distributors. It is your responsibility not to buy more than the credits you will need or plan to use.