Refund Policy

UnlockingService – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or 100% MoneyBack!

At UnlockingService, we have been unlocking cellular phones since 2011. Our main focus is to help people retrieving their cell phones unlock code EASILY. We really try everyday to be the most trustable mobile phones unlock code provider!

To achieve this goal we gave ourselves, we work had every day in the background, to give our users the safest, most reliable unlocking solutions on the Internet.

One important point for this, in cell phone unlocking business, is to be able to return money back to a customer in case we are not able to deliver the unlock code on time! We are happy to provide a 100% money back or refund in case our servers were not able to deliver the unlock code!

So, no worries ahead: there will always be only to case using our online unlocking services:

  1. You order your code and you receive it: you are happy, and we too are
  2. Or you order and we were not able to deliver the unlock code for your phone. so we refund 100% of your order amount: you are still a happy customers and so are we!

This is why we partner with two major third parties in this business to make our customer feel secure and confident. Some are:

  • Paypal: Secure payment gateway provider, assuring safe purchase experience for our customer; and taking care of their refund requests, making sure they get full refund in case products is not delivered as promised!
  • Yotpo : independant customer review collector company, in charge of retrieving your feedback after every purchase
  • TrustPilot: same service as previous. We use two different review/feedback handling companies, to be sure we are collections trusted reviews from real buyers….No fake persons sending fake review with these systems.
If your unlock code does not unlock your device, simply contact us for a full refund.