Samsung Unlocking – General Instructions

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Samsung Unlocking Instructions

General instructions (will work for most phones):

Unlocking your Samsung cell phone is not that complicated…At least with our help! ┬áHere are the steps you need to follow to get your phone unlocked and working on any GSM carrier all over the world!

Request your Samsung Unlock Code

  • Just head to our Samsung Unlocking section and
  • find the adequate tool to unlock your Samsung device.
  • Using the tool’s product page , enter your phone IMEI into the field and submit your order.
    • Don’t forget to first grab your phone’s correct IMEI by diaing *#06# on your device keypad.
      Samsung Unlocking - General Instructions
    • Your IMEI will be display on the phone’s screen. Please copy it carefully! We always recall that any error while sending us your IMEI will lead to wrong unlock code generation and will void our refund engagement
  • you will receive your unlock code once generated by our servers.



Once you have your code, follow the steps below to unlock your Samsung phone:

  1. Turn off your Samsung phone
  2. Insert a non-accepted sim card (different from the original carrier).
  3. Turn on the phone.
  4. Slide to unlock and it will ask for the unlock code
  5. Enter the unlock code you obtained from
  6. Your phone is now fully unlocked!

Samsung Unlocking

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