Microsoft Product Code & Network IMEI Check


Average code availability for this tool

Delivery Time : 1 to 2 hours

This is not an unlocking. Its urpose is to return information about your device : warranty, locked carrier and cuntry, model number, product code, etc…

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Microsoft Product Code & Network IMEI Check

Phone IMEI Check Service Description

This is not an unlocking service or tool. But this tool purpose is to return information about your device and will allow you to know which adequate tool you can use to unlock your Microsoft Lumia device.

It will also report about warranty information and any other factory bundled on your Microsoft device information.

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Specific Tool Instructions

When ordered, this tool will not provide unlock code for your Huawey cell or mobile, it will grab valuable information from manufacturer’s database for you.

Here is some sample information returned by this tool:

IMEI 356717050243889
Product code 059S700
Internal name RM-892
Model Microsoft Lumia 925
VODAFONE GB factory locked