Top five reasons to unlock your cell phone

Top five reasons to unlock your cell phone

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Top five reasons to unlock your cell phone

Cell phones carriers usuall provide phones for nex or existing customers to choose from when the use their GSM services. That seems good; but the downside is that these phones are locked to that specific GSM carrier to make sure that customer is their forever or at least until they made a minimum money from his blls…

Then comes in cell phone unlocking.

What is an unlocked phone?

An unlocked phone allows you to use any GSM Sim card around the world. You can make calls, browse the internet and also benefit from all the services available the new carrier provides.

Sometimes that provider will give an unlock code to its customers at the cost of a high fee, so here at, we do our best to provide you with the same type of unlock for an inexpensive price.

Perhaps you have that question in mind…

Why unlock your phone at all?

For International use

When you travel, you’re often forced to purchase a roaming plan with your service provider. Some people opt to purchase a new phone once they’ve arrived at their destination to use a local phone plan in order to avoid paying the extravagant fees. When you unlock your phone, however, you’re also unlocking it internationally so that when you travel, your phone can travel with you. You can save both money and time from having to transfer all of your personal files between phones. You can also enjoy competitive local rates and have a separate number for the duration of your travel.

To have more phone choices when buying

Service providers usually have a limited selection of phones and many customers will find that his or her own provider does not always have the phone they want. How many times have you wanted to upgrade your phone only to realize that your carrier doesn’t have it? As a result, many people end up spending hundreds of dollars–and nowadays, even a thousand–on a device that’s not their ideal phone. With an unlocked phone, you’ll find that because you can bring your phone to almost any carrier, you’ll never encounter this problem again. Even if you wanted to purchase a brand new phone, you could easily unlock the new phone and then bring it to your new carrier.

Better plan choices

Carriers can change their plans at any time, raising their prices for less service. You might also find that a specific carrier doesn’t provide the service that best fits your needs. You might end up wanting to switch service providers but find that you can’t because it’s too expensive to purchase a new phone for another provider. Once you unlock your phone, you can take your phone to almost any service provider and have the freedom of changing plans as it suits your needs!

More and better service choices

If you’re not sure that you’re ready to take the plunge of committing to a new provider, you can easily use your unlocked phone to test the waters for the time being while you decide. That way, you can test the strength of the reception in your area against the leading competitor to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Higher resell value for your phone

A lot of people will sell their current phones to fund for a new one. You’ll be pleased to find out that once your phone is unlocked, it can fetch a higher price in the market of used phones. Because the phone would be available for use with so many carriers, you won’t be restricted to potential buyers from only one service provider. It’s also a benefit to your phone’s next owner because it’ll be easier for him or her to start using the phone right away!

So there you have it: the top five great reasons to unlock your phone. If you have a phone that you need unlocked, check out our supported models and carriers.

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