UnlockingService v2 New Design

UnlockingService v2 New Design

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UnlockingService v2 New Design, New tools : Better services

UnlockingService.net is being improved daily, just for you our valuable customer.

Today we want to share with you the latest design improvement we have made to our online unlocking server.

Home page Design

We have listened to your multiple request, feedback and suggestions, and made some huge change to our homepage. Our home page is now simpler to use: clean design, nothing to come slow dow your unlock request process.

The home page loads in seconds : no more need to wait minutes before accessing our unlocking tools.

Most frequent request we were receiving was that user were frustrated because they need to search for the adequate unlocking tool and need to visit category based navigation from shop page, we have in place.

Now this time is over.

From the home page, you have an unlock tool selector.

Unlocking Service New Features

with this tool selector, our customers are now able to search for the right unlock tool based on different criteria such as:

  • the type of unlock tool
  • the phone’s brand and model
  • the country and carrier phone is locked to

And, the right side list of unlock tools is automatically updated to show unlock tools once a criteria is defined, live without reloading the page (we use some technique called AJAX).

From the home page, you also have access to the best instant factory unlock tool we have! All tool listed here are providing unlock code, instantly, no need to wait! They are also some of the most used unlocking tool ever!

Hope you enjoy….And keep giving us your feedback using the form below!

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