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What is iPhone IMEI Replacement Check

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We recently published a new tool, called “iPhone & iPad IMEI Replacement IMEI Info Check 1-12 Hours“.

As some of our regulars users where getting confused on which iPhone check they should perform, we decided to give you this explanation post about the iPhone IMEI replacement Check service.

The context

It sometimes happens that your phone’s IMEI has been replaced, meaning the IMEI reported by the cell phone when you dial *”06# is different than the one on the phone’s box.

But you are asking how can this happen?

It does happens, when on some repair return, technicians are obliged to change phone’s motherboard or major internal components…In such cases, the phones outside box or cover is still your old one, but internally, it is a brand new phone, thus a brand NEW IMEI.

IMEI replacement check, How does it work?

The IMEI Replacement Check Service is a special service we have, that can access Apple’s IMEI Service database and check if a specific IMEI number has been replaced by others.

So using our service, you can check and  find previous or upcming IMEI that will be linked with the one you provided for check up.

So it will display the :

  • history of the IMEI you provided,
  • the IMEI number currently active

In which cases should you use IMEI Replacement Check?

When your iPhone is broken and you bring it to Apple Store and they have to replace it, (In or Out of warranty, no matter the case), they are in fact re-building it from scratch. So they provide a new Serial and IMEI numbers. This is service replacement and Apple, who cares a lot about their customers, keep a very detailled database of all IMEI changes at their stores.

Some people, are getting their hands on those iPhones, and they are advertising their previous IMEI number (which most likely will be unlocked). Doing an IMEI Network, Blacklist Status or SIM-Lock check to those IMEI numbers, the results are very vague or non-existent, so they have a better chance to scam people.


How to order an IMEI Replacement Check Service?

Have the IMEI number you want to check at hands, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Acces the IMEI Replacement product page
  2. Type your IMEI number (Double check it, so it is 100% correct)
  3. Submit order and proceed with the Paypal payment method (We are using Paypal so you can be 100% sure that you will not lose your money and we will provide you the services you requested)

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